Hi there.  Welcome to the July OSAT Blog Hop!  If you started at my blog, or made it here by way of the talented Jenny Hall’s blog, I am glad to have you.  For our Very Vintage theme this month I did a little bit of research.  Read on below to see where my research took me.

I have been wanting to work with the Pocketful of Sunshine set since it was delivered by my trusty UPS man.  I kept staring at it and even picked it up a couple times when it just didn’t feel right. So, back on my shelf it went.

When it was time to work on the Very Vintage project I picked it up again because the curvy font used for the sentiments strike me as very vintage.  But just using a vintage font wasn’t enough for a vintage project.  I decided to start researching denim.  Specifically Levi’s.

Did you know that you can generally date many Levis based on their wash, the color of the threading and the colors of the little tab on the pocket?  There is also the pocket style, zipper or button fly and the number of belt loops that can help date a pair of Levis!

For the life of me I can’t find the article that educated me on all things Levi’s history 🙁 but I can tell you that the Orange Tab Levi’s were launched in 1969.  They were the first line of Levi’s that were more trendy and hip, made for style as much as functionality.  Ironically they just relaunched the Orange Tab line this year!  Check them out HERE.

So I can’t say that my project is 100% accurate, I added some copper rivets to the pocket that are a stretch.  But that wash and tiny orange tag are spot on!  To get your perfect denim wash, use the large background image stamp that come’s with the You’ve Got This stamp set:

I saw several projects where the pocket was used to make an open top bag but I thought I would try and make it into a box.  So instead of threading some ribbon or making a cardstock strap, I added a little lid that could fold into the top.

In that little box are some Starburst candies.  They were introduced in the US the year after Orange Tab Levi’s, in 1970!  A perfect little treat to go with a totally cool and vintage pair of paper denim pockets!

To make the box, I simply stamped and cut out two pockets.  I then cut a strip of cardstock that was 1 1/2″ by 7 1/2″ which I stamped then scored at 2 1/4″, 3 3/4″ and 5 1/4″.  You could easily make this box more narrow or thick by adjusting the width of this strip!  When all scored I glued the tabs from the pocket onto the inside of the strip.  The top for the pocket box measures 2 1/16″ by 2 1/2″, scored at 1/2″ and 2″.  One end was glued to the inside back of the pocket box, the other functioned as the tab closure.

I hope you enjoyed this trip back to 1969-1970!  Now it’s time to see where Melissa Davies is taking us on the rest of the Vintage tour!

If you missed anyone on the hop, here is the full lineup:

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