I can’t believe it’s been almost 5 years since I started getting a discount on my favorite coordinating craft supplies!  August 26th is my “Official” 5 Year Stampiversary so I thought, why not have a MONTH LONG Stampiversary Celebration?  Doesn’t that sound fun?  Of course it does…

If you don’t know how I ended up with this gig, which I lovingly call my “Side Hustle” these days, check out my “About Me” page HERE.  Over the five years, it grew to what it is today.  I currently hold three regularly scheduled events every month and also offer hostess events and team events.  To add to that, I never thought that I would be on my way to earning my first Incentive Trip!  (If you are new to this term, Stampin’ Up! sends their top demonstrators on a trip of a lifetime every year.  They recently returned from Thailand!).  When I learned where the 2018 Incentive Trip was headed to, I knew that I had to earn that trip!  We will be headed to Alaska!

I can’t wait to earn that trip and take my husband along with me.  There are two months left to qualify and I will be working hard!  I am on track but still have plenty of work to do.  But most importantly, before work, we must get back to this celebration I referenced in the title of my post!  I want to give YOU presents for helping me make it to my 5-Year Stampiversary, to say Thank You!

It was a struggle to figure out what this celebration was going to be.  There were so many options.  We could have a party…no…no party.  I went through a list in my head then thought, every anniversary needs presents…and I noticed that the traditional gift for a fifth anniversary is WOOD!  Stampin’ Up! has so many fun and amazing wood themed products, too.  So here is the WOOD that you can get for celebrating my Stampiversary along with me:So that is how we celebrate together!  With WOOD!  I am so thankful for each and every one of you that has been a part of this amazing journey!

Here’s the fine but important print:

  1. This is a promotion by and through One Crafty Sister, only.
  2. There are no substitutions.
  3. To participate in the Stampiversary Special EMAIL your order to [email protected]
  4. Freebies for over $50 orders will be shipped directly to you with your product order by Stampin’ Up!
  5. You Mini-Sampler will be mailed separately from me.

So off to gather all the fun wood for presents!  Can’t wait to send you yours!



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