Although I believe in showing appreciation and LOVE everyday, today is the official day of LOVE.  We all have people to love in our lives, right?  Our spouses or significant others, our children, our family and also our friends, they are all worthy of our love.  Adding to that list – I love my four legged children, purses & shoes, and if you didn’t know…sharing my love of paper crafting with YOU!

I love and appreciate each and every one of you.  Whether you are an on-line customer, another paper crafting fanatic or one of my local stampers, you are truly the reason why I LOVE what I do.  I have made some incredible friends that I would have never met had it not been for deciding I wanted a discount on my very long wish list!

Part of appreciating you is not keeping any secrets.  I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on what my life has gained over the last almost five years.  So answer the questions below and tell me why you would want to pass this up…

Continuing the LOVE theme, the last couple of month’s there have been many projects in the One Crafty Studio promoting that, LOVE.  Here is one you might have missed on my blog last week.  Click on the photo to read and see more about it.Here are just a few more you may or may not have seen:

Every event my customers get some fun little treat.  This was one of the adorable gifts from January.  I am in love with anything miniature.

To each of you, Happy Valentine’s Day!  I hope that you are showered with love today and every day.  Let this be a reminder of another who loves and you are appreciates you today.

Glittered hugs,
Jennifer xoxo